Puppies available

I have puppies available from Windy x Monday. They were born on 4/10/21. They all have their own personality but on average they will be calm, low energy dogs that will be easy to train and have around. Both Monday and Windy are very athletic and often run all day long chasing rabbits, but I can walk them without a leash and leave them loose at the farm and they will stay close to home.

I will also have two puppies available from Flair x Ray. They were born on 4/18 and will be ready to leave home after 6/18. These puppies will have a little higher energy level than Windy’s puppies and would be a better fit for a more active family, but they also have many of the same traits as the other litter.

I spend a lot of time with these puppies, letting them get used to being in the house alone with me, going for walks, and being held and handled. They have been spending a lot of time outdoors and are used to going potty on the grass which will make house training easier. They all have names, but you are welcome to choose your own. I still travel back and forth for work so these guys are used to riding in the car.

The puppies are $700, they have been vaccinated and wormed and are ready to leave home. We are located near Staples, MN. The puppies will be chosen when you come to pick them up, I will not know which ones will be left until that time. I feed the puppies Purina Puppy chow and will send some home with them. If you are interested in a puppy or have questions please contact me by email at riverbottombeagle0002@gmail.com, please let me know if you are interested in a male or a female. I am pretty busy this week with puppies and work and may not be able to return your email right away so please be patient with me 🙂

I will try and give priority to people that have gotten puppies from us in the past and also to those of you that have been waiting a long time for one of our puppies so please remind me if that is the case. I plan on keeping some of these puppies and have been having a hard time making a decision, I wanted to wait as long as possible to choose which is the reason I have waited this long to let them go. It’s really hard to pick from these guys!


Windy’s puppies
This is one of Flair’s girl puppies, Snowball
One of Flair’s boys, Frosty.

One thought on “Puppies available

  1. They are beautiful, Tom.

    Misty is a dream beagle – for us. She is the most lovable, laid back beagle we have ever had. This is a good thing in our old age!

    Thank you for sharing……would take them all if I could.

    Joann Dornhecker


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