Puppies available

We’ve been busy. May had puppies on 3/23, then Singer had puppies on 3/24. Then Crystal had puppies on 3/30! May was having a tough time and lost a couple puppies so Singer stepped in and adopted May’s three puppies and is raising them along with her own seven. May will be retired from raising puppies and will be spending her days chasing rabbits and living in the house.

The sire of May’s litter is Forest. The dad to both Singer and Crystal’s puppies is Monday.

These puppies should all be ready to start leaving home about May 25th, I will let them all go at the same time. I will let people choose their puppy in the order that I received deposits for them. The puppies are $750, a deposit of $50 will reserve one for you. They will be wormed and vaccinated, and I will have their health records ready to go with them.

We are located near Staples, MN. I will try to post pictures of the puppies here about once a week so you can follow them as they grow. Visitors are welcome, we stay pretty busy but contact me and we will work something out if you would like to come and meet the dogs and puppies.

If you have questions or would like to make a deposit please contact me by email at riverbottombeagles0002@gmail.com or you can use the contact form from our website.

Crystals boys
Crystals girls
Singer and May’s puppies

3 thoughts on “Puppies available

  1. Hi Tom , I might have to quit following river bottom beagles! I just love these puppies! I am staying strong not to get a third one. Cooper and Tucker are going great! Hope you are doing well also!

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  2. I’m so sorry to hear that May lost a couple of her babies, but I bet she is going to love retirement living in the house with you…what does Buttercup say about that:) 🙂 Your babies are so precious & Beautiful!!


  3. Hello,
    Do you have any females available? We have recently lost our lab to cancer and our other pup is a mother and needs a companion. After researching different breeds, we have found that a beagle would be perfect to add to our family. We are ready to take a baby as soon as she is available.
    Thank you for your time,
    Lacie Ferguson


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