Our beagles

We have been raising beagles for more than 30 years. Here are some pictures of some of our dogs. I will add more from time to time.

This is Monday.

This is Cloud, from the cross of Love x July and a brother to Pumpkin, Crystal, Honey, Weather, Rain and Windy. Since he was a puppy Cloud has always had the personality of an old dog, except when he is playing with the puppies.

A picture of Pumpkin out hunting this last winter.

Ray came to us from Canada.

John was born here and belongs to our friend Pete LaDue. Many of the dogs we have now are descended from John.
DSC_0028 (800x533)

We had no plans to keep July when he was born but his personality won us over and Lisa and I decided to keep him. July is one of those dogs that looks at you like he understands every word you are saying. He is the father of many of the pups we are raising now.
DSC_0074 (800x533)

I try not to have favorites but Love is one of my all time favorite dogs. She is very smart and has a great personality. We have kept several of her daughters and her bloodline will always run through our dogs.
DSC_0100 (800x533)

Hope is another one of those special dogs and many of our current dogs trace back to her.
DSC_0050 (800x533)

Taylor is one of those dogs that loves being a mom. She will raise a big litter of fat healthy pups and take care of the neighbors puppies as well.
DSC_0131 (800x533)

This is Happy. Her name is Happy also 🙂
DSC_0107 (800x627)

This is May.
DSC_0100 (800x533)

This is Rain. Her sisters are Weather and Windy and her brother is named Cloud.
DSC_0100 (800x533)

DSC_0028 (800x533)