Beagle training

I hate writing “how to” stuff. You can’t do it without implying that you think are some kind of expert that knows more than anyone else. I’m no expert. There are a whole bunch of people that know more about training dogs than I do. If you want good training advice it’s not hard to find.

One thing I can claim is that I have had a lot of dogs. Hundreds. All kinds, but more beagles than anything else. I have been breeding this line of dogs for a long time. Something like thirty years of selecting for the same traits over many generations. I guess I know more about them than anyone.

I can tell you what I do and how I do it. If you have one of these dogs maybe you will find something you can use, or at least you might gain a better understanding of where your dog comes from.

I’ll try to keep it short and add more from time to time.

One of the young dogs I’m working with now, Forest. His dad is Ray and his mom is Pumpkin.


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