You tend to make too much noise. Your dog is listening for the occasional sound that means something to him. But he’s paying more attention to the tone of your voice. The way you move and what your hands are doing. He’s probably using his nose to tell him what kind of mood you are in.

He’s telling you things all the time also. Trying to make you understand. Most of the time we don’t.


We were hoping for one more litter this fall but it’s not going to happen. I know a lot of you were waiting for puppies, wish I had better news for you. I don’t know anything for sure but the soonest we will have more puppies will be this winter, maybe next spring.

I will post any new developments on here when they happen.



All of Pumpkins puppies have been spoken for, thank you 🙂

Pumpkin is happy all the time and loves everyone. Monday is a calm, easy going dog. These dogs are easy to have around and easy to train. I don’t care for high energy dogs that cause problems and need lots of attention. I like dogs that pay attention to you and try to learn what you want without a lot of extra effort on my part. I found out long ago that the right kind of dog can make you look like an expert dog trainer even if you aren’t 🙂 🙂

Most of my dogs end up around 13 – 15 inches tall and weigh between 15 and 25 pounds.

Puppy sitting

The puppies were worn out after playing at the beach yesterday. One of them curled up next to Cloud for a nap while Cloud kept watch over her.