This is May, the mother of one of the litters we have now. She has been living in the house with her puppies when we are up at the farm. Every time she gets out of the kennel her puppies are in she checks out the girls’ stuffed animals to see if any of them need a mom. I found Molly’s stuffed fox in with May’s puppies the other morning.
DSC_0100 (800x533)

And this is Taylor with some of her earlier puppies. Taylor seems the most happy when she has children to care for.
DSC_0131 (800x533)

New puppies

We had two new litters of puppies in late April. There were 2 boys and 11 girls total. The boy puppies have already been claimed but there are still a few female puppies available. These puppies will be ready to leave home in late June.

The moms are Taylor and May, both are great moms and have very pretty puppies. Taylor’s puppies are by Monday and the dad of May’s puppies is Ray.

I will take deposits on these puppies until they are all claimed. The total cost is $500, you can reserve one by mailing me a check for $50. Please email me at if you would like more information or to send a deposit.


Dog magnet

Dogs just know. Some people they steer clear of, some people they need to get to know before they give away their trust, and some they just love at first sight.

Over and over I’ve seen dogs that aren’t too sure about you and me go right up to Molly like she’s a long lost friend.

Not just dogs. Horses and goats and sheep and cats and even chickens living at Molly’s home all feel the same way.

“Dogs sure like you Molly” I said.

“I know.”
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