Fixed the links

I finally got around to fixing the links at the top of my home page for Facebook and instagram. We don’t have internet access here at the end of the road and sometimes I can’t get stuff to post here but I can usually get it to go there.

Hard to Reach

Sometimes I push the button on the steering wheel and say call mom while I’m running down the road with the dogs in the truck, Buttercup listening to the voice she knows coming through the speakers. I can’t talk standing still.

Spend my days doing chores and taking care of puppies, walking dogs down by the river and trapping gophers and going to work. Get home late. Sometimes when I’m leaving for work and can’t find my phone and it’s then I realize I left it at work last night. Doesn’t work well for me to carry a phone.

When you’re coming to visit and see the puppies I’ll make sure I have it with me, google maps sometimes gets you lost out here. Otherwise if you are trying to call me or wanting me to call you back there’s a good chance I’m going to let you down.

Say When

“I think my job a lot of times is to make a dogs life better by training them, taking care of them, raising them properly, sending them to good homes. But if I’m honest, they definitely make my life better more often than I do anything for them.”

I’m done with work for the week and ready to load up the dogs and go home to our farm at the end of the road but there’s a big storm sweeping in from the plains. Maybe it’s best to wait it out instead of taking a chance on ending up in the ditch someplace late at night with a truck full of dogs.

Next best thing is to stay up and watch dog videos on the computer. I’m not a duck hunter but this film puts words to a lot of things I didn’t know how to say.

House Stark

I call them the Starks. Brienne isn’t really a Stark but I like her character in the Game of Thrones. Never much cared for Sansa, so in House Riverbottom, Brienne is a Stark, along with Bran, Arya and Catelyn. These Starks all get along, no wars at this Winterfell.

The Starks are from Monroe’s litter. I also have Robin and Chickadee, younger litermate sisters to July. There was a really good liter from July and Love. We raised Lincoln and Speedy, Pumpkin, Honey, Crystal and River from that litter. And Weather, Cloud and Windy from another litter, same cross.

Forest and Flair were puppies together. Same age, different litters. They just never hit it off. Oil and water, not peanut butter and jelly.

Can’t count how many littermates we have raised and trained together over the years. Lots. Way we have always done it.

Lots of folks have gotten littermates from us. More work raising two puppies at once, no question. Most beagle people, most people that get our puppies are the best! Most always it goes well.

The experts are always coming up with new stuff. Now they have discovered littermate syndrome. Guess I better tell the dogs 🙂