Puppies available

We’ve been busy. May had puppies on 3/23, then Singer had puppies on 3/24. Then Crystal had puppies on 3/30! May was having a tough time and lost a couple puppies so Singer stepped in and adopted May’s three puppies and is raising them along with her own seven. May will be retired from raising puppies and will be spending her days chasing rabbits and living in the house.

The sire of May’s litter is Forest. The dad to both Singer and Crystal’s puppies is Monday.

These puppies should all be ready to start leaving home about May 25th, I will let them all go at the same time. I will let people choose their puppy in the order that I received deposits for them. The puppies are $750, a deposit of $50 will reserve one for you. They will be wormed and vaccinated, and I will have their health records ready to go with them.

We are located near Staples, MN. I will try to post pictures of the puppies here about once a week so you can follow them as they grow. Visitors are welcome, we stay pretty busy but contact me and we will work something out if you would like to come and meet the dogs and puppies.

If you have questions or would like to make a deposit please contact me by email at riverbottombeagles0002@gmail.com or you can use the contact form from our website.

Crystals boys
Crystals girls
Singer and May’s puppies


“They bred dogs for everything else, even diving for fish, why didn’t they breed them to live longer, to live as long as a man?” Peter Heller – The Dog Stars

Sorry if I gave the impression that we lost old Lovey, she is doing just fine and enjoying her teenage years.


Coming soon listing

Had this ready to go the other day and forgot to post it 🙂

We have some new puppies. I will be posting all the details about them soon, but not yet. There have been a few people asking and I wanted to give everyone an update.

We had three new litters of puppies last week. I will be keeping some of these puppies. I need to wait another week or two before I decide which ones and how many. After that I will be ready to start taking deposits on them.

The puppies will be $750, a deposit of $50 will reserve one for you. I will let people choose puppies when they are ready to leave home at 8 weeks, starting about May 19th.

Please don’t contact me yet 🙂 I will keep you updated here.

Fall Walk

During the warmer months I make this walk with the dogs as often as possible. We go about 2 miles. I almost never leash my dogs, they learn to stay with me.

Pretty Close

I ain’t the kind believes in ghosts, But some nights I get pretty close” Chris Knight – North Dakota

This happened last spring. It’s happened before. I don’t talk about it. I can tell the story this way though.

Windy was due any time and she was big. She was in a kennel at the end of my bed. Early spring cold and dark outside. Black sky, bright stars and deep quiet. I had a good fire going and the house was nice and warm. Nobody here but me, Buttercup sleeping on the bed, and Windy. I stayed up late with her, got up and checked on her a couple times during the night, but no puppies.

Fell asleep with the light on. I was sleeping hard about 4 AM and then Lisa was there, by the bed. She said “Wake up! Time to get to work!”


“Get up! I delivered the first two puppies for you, but you need to wake up!”

I could hear a puppy crying and crying and I said Where is that puppy?

She said “By your bed. Time to get up!”

I finally got woke up. There was a puppy crying. Windy was in labor. Yep, she had two puppies. One was way at the end of the kennel and was cold and wet and crying. I tucked it in by mom and it quieted right down. Then I had to sit there a minute.

Lisa spent a good share of her life next to the sound of newborn puppies before she left us, right here in this place. The sound of puppies was the sound that called to her. Maybe it still does.

Windy delivered nine puppies and raised them all.