We were hoping for one more litter this fall but it’s not going to happen. I know a lot of you were waiting for puppies, wish I had better news for you. I don’t know anything for sure but the soonest we will have more puppies will be this winter, maybe next spring.

I will post any new developments on here when they happen.


Puppy sitting

The puppies were worn out after playing at the beach yesterday. One of them curled up next to Cloud for a nap while Cloud kept watch over her.

Fixed the links

I finally got around to fixing the links at the top of my home page for Facebook and instagram. We don’t have internet access here at the end of the road and sometimes I can’t get stuff to post here but I can usually get it to go there.

Hard to Reach

Sometimes I push the button on the steering wheel and say call mom while I’m running down the road with the dogs in the truck, Buttercup listening to the voice she knows coming through the speakers. I can’t talk standing still.

Spend my days doing chores and taking care of puppies, walking dogs down by the river and trapping gophers and going to work. Get home late. Sometimes when I’m leaving for work and can’t find my phone and it’s then I realize I left it at work last night. Doesn’t work well for me to carry a phone.

When you’re coming to visit and see the puppies I’ll make sure I have it with me, google maps sometimes gets you lost out here. Otherwise if you are trying to call me or wanting me to call you back there’s a good chance I’m going to let you down.